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deep sigh;


Lynn at Camden, NJ Warped. Photo by Matt Vogel.


Here’s the full page from the comic.


The Story So Far | May.

My edit, not my photo.



Boston - Massachussetts - USA (von Aleks Ivic)

fuck u if u don’t think Boston is one of the best cities

AP Tour 2007 Hayley

is selena dating cara bc that is a ship i can get behind

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KNOOoow sooomethin…i gotta range. i got a range like NO mothafucka KNOWS. come to think of it i’m gonna g- i’m gonna make him BALD and make him, and make him SWEAT ACID. and i think i’m gonna give ‘im weird bladder problems, and romantic problems- you know what, the WHOLE THING. i already SAID that fuckin thing, you missed it. where were you on that one, o’keefe? eyes on the prize. FOCUS! don’t just look at her ass, EAT IT. mY BADGE MY WIT- oh shit. eeuuhhhhh auuauuaghh wOSH- calm before the storm- fuck it. meOW MEOWWW. WOAH- NOPE. RAAAHHH RAGH. BOOO. what’s so funny about it, i don’t get it. y’mean, yev neva heahd of, the millennium falcon, it’s the ship that made the kessel run in, unda twelve pah-secs…AY, does ya mothuh sew? BOOM, GET ‘ER TO SEW DAT